Friday, August 22, 2008

My very own personal Tornado!

Yeah, a tornado! I have my very own! It goes with me everywhere, and everything it comes even 5 feet away from somehow finds itself disheveled! Oh, I'm talking about my little Tyler! It doesn't really matter what he touches here lately, as long as its not his, it seems to fall apart! Tonight, it was the neat stack of VHS tapes! Last night, it was dinner on the carpet! I had his sister's room clean, and he was there for about .2seconds, and BAM! WOW! BOOM! What a mess! Now he is old enough to pick up after himself, but I am having a hard time with him actually doing this! When he puts his clothes in the laundry basket, they somehow find their way on the floor right next to the basket, same with trash, on the floor right next to the can! Toys, right next to the toy box...etc. You get the point! I need major help with any ideas on how to actually get these items where they go...and if you have a miracle fix on how to get rid of the complaints, and the 'but whys ' and the 'I don't wannas' Please please please share with me!

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