Friday, August 22, 2008

School's about to Start!

We had our 'meet the teacher night' last night! My little Tyler was not a bit nervous! Me on the other hand, I was a wreck! We stood patiently waiting for the aides to open the doors to the first grade hallway, what a wait! What only took minutes seemed like hours! Finally the doors were opened, and parents and students rushed the door! You would think we were running in to get the best seats for a concert or something! It was a Mad House! We were informed that our classroom would be the very last door! Very Last door Indeed! My hands started sweating, I could hear my heart racing, and I started to panic! Me! The Mom! I held myself together pretty well, but I was definitely running all the scenario's through my mind of all the possibilities! I started to worry, because I have been the mom that 'requests' my teachers, I stay on top of everything and visit often throughout the year! This year, I didn't request a teacher! First grade is new territory for us! We didn't know any of the teachers, or so we thought! They had done manger moving around this summer! We now have a teacher that was a kindergarten teacher last year! Phew! We make it to the classroom, and wow! She looks nice! She is nice, but this is a first impression! I guess this night is all about sizing up the teacher and vise versa, I think she's doing the same to me! So I kinda feel like an intruder, just waltzing into her classroom! There are 3 kids we know that have already arrived! Thank goodness! Familiar faces! So we are walking around, taking everything in! There is not a single chalk board in the whole classroom! It is all on the computer, which is hooked up to a projection doohickey and displayed on a lighted board where the chalk board belongs! Wow! I'm pretty impressed! The University I attended didn't even have that! They have a reading loft! Tons and tons of books! They have 2 school books already in their desks and Tyler goes straight for them! A reading/phonics book, and a science book with tons and tons of hands on experiments that the teacher assured us we would be doing! Wow 1st grade has changed soooo much! They have their own bathroom and water fountain right there in the classroom! What? I know, we had to raise our hands and ask permission, then wait for an aide to arrive to walk us down the hall to the nearest bathroom! This is great since my Tyler loves to wait til the last min.! So now my nerves are pretty much in order, now I'm excited! *Plus she put cups of candy on each desk!* They opened up the whole school, so we got to walk around and look at everything! We had grandma with us, and she hadn't seen all the classrooms yet either! We got to meet the music/ gt teacher, which is awesome! She showed us around her gt classroom they call 'They academy', It is awesome! They have several computers, different 'stations' and tons and tons of books! We are a book family and Love to Read, so this was a really cool room to us! We saw her music room as well! She had music playing, and stuff laid out that the kids get to do each year! There were crayons on the table, and paper for the kids to color on while waiting on mom and dad, they had hula skirts, and all kinds of noise makers! We visited the library just as they were kicking us out of the school! Wow!

We had a pretty enjoyable evening, and definitely exciting! Now we are ready! We have all our nerves in check, and we can start the year off with a Bang!

We are not starting a new school, though it seems as though we are! They have just done some major remodeling and adding on to our old school!

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