Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crazy 07/13/2010

Your everywhere I look
but I can't remember your face.
Your name burns my tongue
so I dare not speak.
I don't even know you
but I can't forget you.
It's becoming a sick obsession
that I don't want to go away.
My mind is racing, Im concerned
I want to hold you,
but you won't let me in.
I would stand in the rain forever
walk a million miles in the heat
Just to see your crazy smile
and hear nice things
that I know you don't mean.
Im so sick of being numb,
and you take that away,
I would rather feel pain forever
than nothing at all.
So, I will stay in my peaceful
happy hallucination as long as I can,
and you will be everywhere I look.

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